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SJ Electric Vehicles
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Pick up May 2013 Issue of C! Magazine....the automotive authority. Dave's eTrike project Palawan is the Exclusive feature. It's showcasing Mayor Edward Hagedorn's pioneering etrike projects for clean air since 2007 and how Dave took Hagedorn's lead and developed 6 different prototypes for different terrains and load.

Our electric motorbikes, electric motorcycles, scooters, Jeepneys and tricycles will outrun, out climb, and outperform others! We have the most reliable, highest quality, and best cost effective EV, electric motorcycles, scooters and motor bikes anywhere in Asia and the Philippines. Be environment friendly!

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Beat Soaring oil and gasoline prices, traffic and pollution! A new solution for your inter-city and close proximity travels!


The Eagle Electric motor bike runs without any need for oil or gasoline and is practically free from maintenance, so it's very environment friendly. This is because of its unique electric motor design - no brushes, only magnets. It is also equipped with an external hub motor, giving it better climbing power! Pays for itself in gas savings!
•No combustion engine •No belts
•No gasoline •No ignition plugs
•No transmission •No chains
•No lubricants to change •No carburetor

Hi Powered Modern Electric Jeepney, 14 passenger, 4 Speed Hill Climber More info...

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Most transportation events are short distance trips consisting of one person. The majority of the time these are simply trips from home to the metro station; from home to work; from home to the bus stop; from home to the grocery store etc. covering a distance of 5- 20 km on average.

The average distance travelled in the Philippines for these types of trips is only 8 kilometers, and most other places have shorter transportation distances. The distance that electric motorbikes can travel depends upon the type of riding style customers have – aggressive riders do not go as far as more sedate drivers. There are many other factors involved in determining how much distance an electric bike will travel. Some of these factors include the weight of passengers, speed of travel, road surface conditions, and the condition or type of batteries used in the electric motor bike.


Function and ease of use are instant perks when you ride the Eagle electric motor scooter. No shifting of gears! Simply charge or recharge at home or at work, or at any time you’re ready to go! You can also enjoy the following features:

Silent and smooth drive! Quick acceleration! No burning! (no exhaust pipe)

This is the most common electric motor bike in the Philippines, so parts are very easy to get! Most all parts are standard motorcycle parts with the exception of the motor and controller/charger. We do stock parts!


The electric motorbike proudly conforms with the country's Clean Air Act and leads in the promotion of the use of alternative fuels. As with all light electric vehicles (LEVs), there is no emitting of smoke or gasoline smells and no noise pollution. All of our electric scooters are brand new, price includes all taxes paid, registration, insurance license plates, helmet and raincoat!


DWG Eagle Electric Vehicles R&D Testing
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Philippines 5300
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